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Related offenses was approved in last debate

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With 65 votes in favor and 14 against, the plenary of the Senate approved, in the last debate of the second round, the draft legislative act that states that kidnapping and drug trafficking will not be connected to political crime.

This June 19 call opens for 2,500 educational credits for black communities

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The Special Fund for Educational Credits of the Department of Afro-Colombian, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueras Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior has 2,500 places to facilitate access to educational resources, equivalent to those of current legal rights $ 2,484,348, renewable each semester, during the course of the career.

The Fund has, for this 2019, a budget that exceeds $ 6,111 million, budget rotated by the Ministry of Education, which will be administered by Icetex. These resources can be used for payment of tuition, student support or degree work.

In Ciprat, early warning for Bogotá was evaluated

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"Here we will evaluate each of the recommendations issued, so that all parties work jointly and we can be more efficient," said Deputy Director of Security and Citizen Coexistence (E), Ludwig Christian Clausen, in the installation of the Commission Intersectorial for the Rapid Response to Early Alerts, Ciprat, which was carried out in the Ministry of the Interior.

Delitos conexos fue aprobado en último debate

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Con 65 votos a favor y 14 en contra, la plenaria del Senado aprobó, en último debate de segunda vuelta, el proyecto de acto legislativo que señala que el secuestro y el narcotráfico no serán conexos al delito político. 

Este 19 de junio se abre convocatoria de 2.500 créditos educativos para comunidades negras

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El Fondo Especial de Créditos Educativos de la Dirección de Asuntos para Comunidades Negras, Afrocolombianas, Raizales y Palenqueras del Ministerio del Interior, cuenta con 2.500 cupos, para facilitar el acceso a créditos educativos condonables, equivalentes a tres salarios mínimos legales vigentes, es decir, $2.484.348, renovables cada semestre, durante el transcurso de la carrera. 

Minister of the Interior celebrated approval of anti-corruption project in Senate Plenary

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The Plenary of the Senate approved the bill that adopts measures in criminal and administrative matters against corruption. Within this initiative, 9 articles were included that were presented by the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez and the Attorney General of the Nation (In charge), Fabio Espitia Garzón. "Within this initiative, which ended up collecting proposals from all political parties, both in the House and in the Senate, we were able to take forward some of the initiatives of the anti-corruption board," said the minister.

Lideresas y defensores de derechos humanos

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El Ministerio de Interior, junto a las gobernaciones de Bolívar y Sucre, participaron en la Mesa de Territorialización del Programa Integral de Garantías para las lideresas y defensoras de derechos humanos, llevada a cabo en Montes de María. En el evento se expuso la intensión de articular las gestiones de la Defensoría del Pueblo y la Procuraduría General de la Nación, con el propósito de hacer seguimiento y fortalecer el trabajo con las lideresas y defensoras de derechos humanos para atender sus inquietudes y necesidades.


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