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El Cauca will have priority in the protection of social leaders

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Alejandra Parra
Popayán (Cauca)
02 Feb 2018

Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera heard social leaders and human rights defenders in the Cauca department on different stages and announced a measure to guarantee their well-being. At the conclusion of the Human Rights Guarantees Table, the Minister of Government reiterated that the protection of social leaders is a priority, which is why during the remaining months of this Government; emphasis will be placed on the implementation of the measures guarantee the life and integrity of human rights defenders and community leaders.

"Every murder of a social leader is a frustration for us, because peace is the exercise of Human Rights and the right to life, and that is our challenge and the ultimate goal of our efforts." During the meeting with the groups and Human Rights Defenders, the Head of the Political Portfolio drew attention to the situation of the social leaders in the department, but warned that thanks to the joint work with the authorities, results are being produced: Colombian peace passes through Cauca, we are here so that we can coordinate tasks and I will not feel satisfied until I know that there are no murdered human rights leaders.

"The Minister also chaired the Inter-sectoral Commission for the Rapid Response to Early Warning (CIPRAT), accompanied by the Vice President of the Republic General (R), Oscar Naranjo. There he announced new measures to respond to a warning from the Ombudsman's Office, referring to the confrontation between criminal organizations, which could put at risk the population of 4 townships of the Algerian municipality "after the meeting with the social organizations and the authorities have suggested an update of the risk map, presence of the Public Force and the Prosecutor's Office. We will also make a presence of the State with the start-up of projects for the post-conflict ".

The Chief of the political portfolio explained that within the commitments are the implementation of protection and violence prevention plans with a gender focus, prevention, attention to the risk of recruitment, monitoring by the judicial authorities, greater presence of the Public Force Finally, he recalled that the State has new tools to guarantee the life and integrity of social leaders through the decrees issued by the National Government, which regulate the system of early warnings for the protection of social leaders and create the Inter-sectoral Commission for the Rapid Response to Early Alerts (CIPRAT).

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