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“This Court ruling is the third judicial decision that gives us the reason”: MinInterior

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Bogotá D.C.
18 Dic 2017
  • The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, made this statement after learning that the Court of Cundinamarca accepted the enforcement action presented by the Government. In this ruling, the Court orders the President of the Congress, Efraín Cepeda, to refer the draft of the 16 Transitional Special Circumscriptions of Peace to the Presidency of the Republic for its promulgation.

“It is the third time that we are right. First place a concept of the Council of State, then a decision of an administrative judge and now the Court of Cundinamarca. In such a way that we were not mistaken when we maintained that we were right in the sense that the project that creates the 16 peace districts obtained enough votes to be approved”, said the minister of the interior, Guillermo rivera, after knowing this decision.

He explained that what this ruling means is that the project obtained the required votes to become a constitutional reform. “This ruling by the Court draws on the decisions of the Constitutional Court of the reform that was processed in 2015, which indicated that when arrest warrants are presented against people for crimes against the public administration, those seats cannot be replaced and both cannot be taken into account for the purposes of the quorum, nor for the conformation of majorities”, warned the Minister.

Minister Rivera reiterated that “there can be no doubt that the Government was right when, since November 30, he categorically stated that this constitutional reform project was approved because it obtained sufficient votes for it”.

According to the Minister, the President of the Congress, Efraín Cepeda, will have to comply with the order of the Tribunal which is “to comply with the articles of the Congress regulation and send the draft legislative act to the Presidency so that we can promulgate it and enter into validity immediately”.

Finally, he pointed out that the step to follow, after its promulgation, would be that, as the legislative act pointed out, “the Registrar can open a special registration period for candidates for these 16 districts”.

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