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" This is a prolific legislature”: Minister of the Interior Guillermo Rivera

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Alejandra Parra
Bogotá D.C.
20 Dic 2017

In total were approved 16 legislature initiatives, among ordinary laws and legislative acts by the Government.

With 16 new norms of governmental authorship that were approved by the Congress of the Republic, the year of 2017 ends The Minister of the Interior Guillermo Rivera highlighted the rapid progress of projects in the legislature: “We want to call attention to the fact that this is a prolific legislature for many of the important issues that the government has been leading on social issues, on issues of transparency in contracting, in international commitments and in the environment”.

During the second legislative term of this year, 9 initiatives were approved. Among these are the Termination Code, which creates the Paris Agreement, the law against illegal fishing, which gives free access to the Cooperation Agreement between Colombia and NATO, the Military Disciplinary Code, the Recruitment Law, the Budget Addition, the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and Israel and the Colombia - France.

Agreement. In the first legislative period of the year, 7 norms were approved, among which the Buenaventura’ founds stands out, according to Minister Rivera, it is decisive for the execution of the commitments acquired between the National Government and the community "arose as a result of a commitment after the civic strike in Buenaventura this year, and creates a special fund to guarantee the execution of a Development Plan for Buenaventura for 10 years ".

The law that unifies criteria for social security Deputies, the double instance for the graduates, and the double instance in cases of loss of investiture for congressmen, the Budget for the year 2018, the law of financial conglomerates and the public procurement law. Regarding the latter, the Minister reiterated that "they will guarantee transparency and there will be no room for favor".

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